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Leadership Anchors

In climbing, the “lead” is first to climb, setting the route or path for others to follow. Along the way, the lead places or uses “anchors”, points of attachment that provide “protection” for the lead and those that follow, freeing all to use their talents and skills more confidently.

Our Leadership Anchors are habits and hacks you can use to establish a foundation for your leadership. With them in place and used well, you are better able to apply your unique talents and strengths to the challenge of delivering results reliably by leading others.

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Staying Connected - The 7 P's

Sustaining quality relationships with members of your team is a challenge for any leader in our modern workplaces. Opportunities to truly connect in a real conversation are few and far between. It is even more difficult for leaders with team members working remotely, out of sight and too easily out of mind. As leader, you have to make these connections happen, and handle them well when you do.


Leading Your Remote Team: Challenges and Cues

Leaders of remote teams don't get the cues to act that are easily available to their colleagues leading on-site teams. They need to need to be more intentional about monitoring the condition of their remote team and performance of individual team members. And they should be watching for problems to arise in unexpected places as their staff adjust to working from home.


Take Me To Your Leader

Knowing where to look for leadership matters. To seek out leaders, most of us simply look up the organization chart toward those with titles like supervisor, manager, or executive. My first formal leadership role though taught me an important lesson: promotion to a position of authority, becoming the boss, doesn’t make you a leader.



Paths to Leadership: An Overview

The main content of our leader coaching and assessment is guided by a framework that is the product of 35+ years developing leaders. This framework describes 5 challenges every leader must work through, finding their way along 10 paths toward quality leadership.

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Leadership Derailers

While Paths to Leadership focuses primarily on the positive choices made by effective leaders, there are also poor choices commonly made. These choices interfere with your capacity to deliver results, wasting your effort and pushing away the followers you need.

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