Leadership Anchors

In climbing, the “lead” is first to climb, setting the route or path for others to follow. Along the way, the lead places or uses “anchors”, points of attachment that provide “protection” for the lead and those that follow, freeing all to use their talents and skills more confidently through the climb.

Our Leadership Anchors are habits and hacks you can use to establish a foundation for your leadership. With the right anchors in place, you and your team have the security to apply everyone's unique talents, energies, and style to the challenge of delivering results reliably in a challenging environment.

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Take Me to Your Leader

To find a leader, most look up the organization chart to those with titles like supervisor, manager, or executive. Experience though teaches an important lesson: becoming the "boss" doesn’t make anyone a leader.  Read More

Staying Connected

Sustaining quality relationships with your remote team is a challenge. Out of sight is too easily out of mind. You must make these connections happen and handle them well when you do. Regular, one on one meetings and the right questions can help. Read More

Leading a Remote Team - Pt 1

Working at a distance presents new, unique challenges that can impair individual and team performance. Leaders of remote teams need to understand these challenges, watch for them, and respond effectively.  Read More

Leading a Remote Team - Pt 2

You must be ready to act on what you see problems that corrode the coordination and collaboration essential in your remote team. These tips will help you be more observant and proactive when your team needs attention.  Read More